Texans vs. Buccaneers, Week 9

3rd quarter – 6:43 remaining – Texans Ball

The Texans’ defense gave up just two field goals early in the third quarter so when the Texans got the ball back, they trailed by just seven. But, the drive bogged down after a nine yard gain on first down and a penalty on second down which brought up a KEY 3rd and 11. The Texans came out in 11 personnel and badly needed a conversion. Tank Dell motioned to the left side where Dalton Schultz was in a slot position and WR Noah Brown was out wide to that side. Nico Collins was in a tight split to the right side. When the ball was snapped, Brown ran a crossing route from left to right, Tank took off down the field and Nico did the same. Even RB Mike Boone ran a wheel route up the far sideline. C.J. got some heat and started making defenders miss. As he did, Schultz, who was originally blocking, floated downfield and put his hand up for Stroud. After shaking everyone in the backfield, Stroud found Schultz and delivered, taking a hit from Bucs DT Calijah Kancey and two other Bucs closing in. Schultz caught the ball EIGHT yards short of the first down. As soon as he caught the ball, Bucs star LB Lavonte David hit Schultz. But, the star TE stiff-armed him to the ground and then had room to run. After running for the first down, Schutlz ran FLAT OVER LB Devin White before stepping out of bounds at the Bucs 30-yard line. I mean, WHAT?!? Stroud’s escape. Schultz’s smarts to know to get open after blocking. Then, the stiff arm and running over White?!? That got me charged up!

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The Texans came out in another loose bunch to the right on first down from the 29-yard line. Schultz ran to the flat as Noah Brown cleared out up the field, running the over route to the other side of the field. Tank, though, ran a stutter-and-go double move and he absolutely roasted Carlton Davis into the end zone. Stroud lofted one over Davis’ head into the waiting arms of his fellow rookie wide receiver…AND THE PLACE WENT NUTS!! Dell caught the TD and I’m telling you I haven’t seen NRG Stadium like that in years. Eruption of noise and joy and screaming and MAN that was incredible!!

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